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Gunshots fired by DaVinci Apartments

Suspect still on the loose

The Davis Police Department received reports of gunshots by DaVinci Apartments on Thursday, June 12 at 10:30 p.m. City of Davis Police Lieutenant Tom Waltz confirmed that the gunshots occurred on the 1600 block of the apartments.

“Officers responded to check the area,” Waltz said. “They determined that there had actually been gunshots that had occurred.”

The Davis Police Department received calls concerned with the gunshots. It was later revealed that the incident involved a personal issue.

“At that point, we had callers calling in who were victims of a dispute,” Waltz said. “Officers responded and determined that our suspect had confronted an ex-girlfriend.”

The issue centered on how a third person became involved in the dispute, which led the suspect to wield a firearm.

“An associate of the ex-girlfriend had become involved,” Waltz said. “He brandished a firearm at the victim — who is the associate of the ex-girlfriend — and then fled the scene.”

Currently, the Davis Police Department has not caught the suspect.

“We are still investigating,” Waltz said. “It appears that as he fled the area in the vehicle, he fired gunshots.”

While no one was hurt at the scene, the suspect still remains on the loose.

“There are no injuries — no damage,” Waltz said. “He was not caught at that time, [and] we are still investigating. We may have some information later, but it’s still early.”

Written by: Stella Tran — city@theaggie.org


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