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Meet the Davis City Council members

Mayor, city council members welcome incoming UC Davis students 

When first arriving in Davis, students may find it helpful to know about their local city government. The Davis City Council consists of the mayor, mayor pro tempore and three other city council members. The job of the council is to oversee the operational aspects of running the city of Davis, thereby giving support to the community. 

Brett Lee: Mayor of Davis 

UC Davis alumnus Brett Lee is the current mayor of the City of Davis. Lee has been a part of the city council since 2012 and his term in office ends in 2020.

Lee welcomed new students with enthusiasm, noting the multiple ways they can get civically engaged within the city. 

“I would start with the Farmer[s] Market at Central Park,” Lee said. “There are also many clubs and organizations on campus in which students can become involved.”

Gloria Partida: Mayor Pro Tem 

Gloria Partida, also a UC Davis alumna, was elected to the city council in 2018. She has been involved with the Davis community for many years — in addition to being a part of city council, Partida sets time aside for community service.  

“I have been volunteering for a long time and run a nonprofit in town,” Partida said. “I saw this as the next logical step to be able to set policies. The city council needs different perspectives, and I found that my perspective as a Latina was lacking.” 

Partida welcomed incoming students, emphasizing Davis’ friendly atmosphere. 

“I would tell them to jump in,” Partida said.  “There are many ways to get involved in this community. Davis is generally a friendly city, and it is easy to find something to be interested in.” 

Partida described the civil engagement of the City of Davis’ citizens.

“I love the engagement of the city’s citizens,” Partida said. “You can come to a city council meeting any day of the week, and it will be crowded with citizens who advocate for what they’re passionate about.”

Dan Carson: City Councilman 

City Councilman Dan Carson is an alumnus of UC Davis as well as a former reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper. Before being elected to the Davis City Council, Carson was the chair of the city’s Finance and Budget Commission.  

“I love Davis” Carson said. “I have raised three boys here with my wife, and it is a great place to raise a family. Davis also has an amazing park system and recreation department.”

The members of the city council are required to attend regular meetings where they discuss concerns of the community, with the goal of making the city a better place to live. Contact information for members on the council as well as access to the agendas for future meetings can be found on the City of Davis’ website. The members are also available to speak with at community events throughout the year. 

Written by: Taylor Martinez— city@theaggie.org 


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