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Redrum Burger restaurant closed on August 4

The end of an era for Redrum Burger

Around three decades ago, Redrum Burger, formerly known as Murder Burger, opened its doors to students, travelers and residents alike in Davis. On August 4, the Davis staple located on 978 Olive Drive closed for good.

The owners of the restaurant took to Facebook to share the news, saying they “had a great run at this location but like they say ‘All good things come to an end,’” in a post.

Carli Million, a UC Davis alumna from the class of 2019, found out about the restaurant’s closing through the same post. She connected the loss to another Davis classic, The Davis Graduate.

“I saw on Facebook, which was kind of a shock,” Million said. “It kind of followed the closing of The Graduate — another Davis favorite that just closed down.”

Million reflected on the times she frequented the eatery with her father.

“My dad grew up in Davis, so one of the times he was visiting me and showing me around Davis we went to Redrum, or Murder Burger, which he called back in his day,” Million said. “It was three or four years ago, and there was a lot of nostalgia behind it — being a place where my dad went to a lot when he lived here and then a place that I started going to. It’s a Davis favorite that both my dad and I could enjoy and a lot of people enjoyed. It’s very sad that it’s closing.”

Million noted that she always looked forward to her favorite menu items.

“I definitely go if I was in the mood for a really good burger or a milkshake — they have really good milkshakes,” Million said. “My roommate and I used to get milkshakes there. It’s kind of sad to see these places go that have literally been around for more than a decade.

Million emphasized the restaurant’s sense of uniqueness.

“I know it’s just a restaurant, but it has that nostalgia factor,” Million said. “Redrum burger was casual — I liked the decorations inside, and I liked the scene. It was definitely nice to get a quick bite.”

Written by: Stella Tran — city@theaggie.org



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