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Police investigate alleged drugging at Dive Bar in Sacramento

A woman accused Dive Bar employee, bar denies allegations

A customer who went with a friend for a drink at Dive Bar in Sacramento accused a bartender of drugging her drink in a tweet on July 15, sparking independent investigations by the bar’s management and the Sacramento Police Department. The customer, Angel Gonzalez, said in an interview with the The Sacramento Bee that she went with her friend for a drink at Dive Bar on K Street the night of July 11, a bar famous for its “live mermaid performances” that take place in a large water tank above the bar.

Gonzalez said to The Bee that she felt more intoxicated than anticipated. She claimed that after a single sip, she also began to experience hallucinations.

“I have honestly drank way more than that, like so much more than that, and I still had the ability to think and know where I was going and know who I was going with,” Gonzalez told The Bee.“I was hallucinating. That’s when I knew I had to go, because that had never happened ever (before).”

As stated in The Bee, she left the bar with her friend and took a rickshaw to LowBrau, a nearby beer hall, where her fiance picked her up and drove her home. Gonzalez took to Twitter to make an accusation against a bartender at Dive Bar in a since-deleted tweet.

“So I got roofied at dive bar BY THE BARTENDERS on Thursday night,” Gonzalez said via Twitter according to The Bee. “I’m bearly (sic) feeling better. ‘HOW THE F— IS SAC PD GOING TO TELL ME THEY CANT (sic) DO S—? HOW THE F— IS THE OWNER OF DIVE BAR GOING TO READ MY MESSAGE AND NOT REPLY? How the f— is this fair … it’s not.”

The since-deleted post garnered mixed reactions from users both on Twitter and Reddit — while some reacted with skepticism toward the accusation, other users expressed sympathy towards the accuser and hostility towards the bar and many also claimed to have similar experiences at the same location or at other Sacramento bars.

Gonzalez’s Twitter account became private after gaining thousands of likes and retweets and the account has since been deleted.

Dive Bar management addressed Gonzalez’s claim in an Instagram post on July 19, after the post accumulated attention from the public. The bar’s management claimed that they reviewed the footage from their security cameras and had not found “any evidence that supports the alleged victim’s claim.”

In addition, Dive Bar elaborated on how its surveillance system could detect the scene in its entirety. 

“Fortunately, [our surveillance] system was able to capture the alleged victim’s every move and interaction leading up to and departing from the bar; our surveillance system was also able to capture every pour and step of the staff-member in question,” the bar’s post read. “We categorically refute all claims made against said staff-member as well as those made against Dive Bar.”

The post further indicated that the bar gave police full access to their security system for their own investigation. Sacramento police confirmed that they opened an investigation into the alleged incident, but there had been no new developments at the time of publication. Police officials declined to comment on whether the investigation was still ongoing.

Written by: Tim Lalonde — city@theaggie.org


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