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Davis Trader Joe’s adopts new store mascot, Agnes the Cow

Trader Joe’s rings in a new era

The Trader Joe’s in Davis’ University Mall underwent a recent change, replacing their previous mascot, Davis the Duck, with a new mascot, Agnes the Cow, as of July 22. The mascot acts as a prize for children to find while their parents are shopping and is meant to help them enjoy trips to the store.

Davis the Duck was chosen as the mascot when the store first opened in Davis. 

“Davis the Duck has been the mascot at our location for almost ten years now and it’s time for them to retire,” said Tess Newton, an employee at Trader Joe’s, via email. “We had a graduation ceremony to honor Davis the duck’s accomplishments and long standing duck-uate program. They have graduated with highest honors and the word on the street is that Davis the duck is going into the billing department at Trader Joe’s HQ.”

Newton described Agnes the cow as “an incoming freshman cow” who will be sticking around the Davis location for the next few years.

“She is a cute black and white stuffed cow with denim overalls,” Newton said via email. “She is hiding in the store for kids and college students alike to find for a prize, just let your cashier know!”

Having a mascot is not unique to the store in Davis — each Trader Joe’s store in the country has a mascot that represents the surrounding community.

“There’s a sea otter in the Monterey Trader Joe’s and a Lobster at a Santa Rosa store,” Newton said via email. “When parents with children come into a store, the mascot creates an opportunity for children to try and locate the mascot for a prize.”

Katt Nguyen, a second-year chemical engineering major, said the choice of Agnes the Cow was a suitable one for the Davis community.

“I think it makes sense for the type of environment […] it’s all about the cows,” Nguyen said. “[Agnes] would just fit with the culture. I think mascots are great to bring groups of people together.”

Written by: Taylor Martinez— city@theaggie.org 


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