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Davis, California

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Police Logs

Abandoned suitcases, lost pine tree

September 12

“Male walking around talking on [the] phone about ‘how many drugs he has sold tonight.’”

“Male inside building, appeared to be hiding behind a mailbox.”

September 15

“Pine tree fell and now in the street.”

September 16

“Sorority having party in [the] backyard.”

September 17

“Sounds of someone rifling through recycling coming from reporting party’s backyard.”

“Large suitcase next to trash can.”

September 18

“Subject briefly inside business and grabbed a handful of magazines before being asked to leave. Reporting party believes subject has been drinking or under the influence due to his behavior.”

“Suitcase left at bus stop.”

September 19

“Occured on E 8th Street. Loud Chickens.”

September 20

“Subjects in middle of street and two in backyard.”


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