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Police Logs

From angsty teen to underage party without parents 

September 26

“Vehicle drove in slowly and quietly and parked on the wrong side of the road.”

“Vehicle parked in bike lane/no parking zone.”

“Unknown number of subjects in bathroom — reporting party advised she can hear a large dog barking.”

September 27

“Loud party. Subjects screaming.”

September 28

“Two poodles loose — running through traffic towards the high school.”

“Underage party. No parents.”

September 29

“Female came to the reporting party’s door stating she can’t locate her car — reporting party isn’t sure if it’s a scam or if she truly needs assistance.”

“15-year-old son is out of control, punching holes in the wall, breaking items, no weapons — mad about her taking his phone.”

October 1

“Male subject seen carrying a table, reporting approached him and tried to engage in conversation/slight language barrier and subject ended up leaving table and left on foot.”

October 3

“Two subjects on bikes  — carrying items on [their] shoulders.”


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