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Monday, May 27, 2024

Police Logs

Try having a conversation while riding a bike

October 4

“Male speeding and forcing vehicles into cone area.”

“Vehicle parked facing wrong direction.”

October 5

“Employee set off alarm.”

October 6

“Loud sorority party occurring at this location for the past few days, current complaint of loud music, singing and screaming.”

“Subjects drinking and yelling, loud music.”

October 7

“Three subjects were riding their bikes and shouting at each other as they rode together.”

October 8

“‘Bud Light’ box truck blocking the street, driver is inside eating.”

“Dalmatian dog escaped from dog sitter’s residence approximately 90 minutes ago.”

“Shopping cartful of miscellaneous items on sidewalk.”

October 9

“Subject was drinking in the bathroom, staff kicked him out and he is now hanging out behind the store.”

“House was egged.”


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