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Campus police implement new security measures for Bainer Hall

Mechanical and aerospace engineering students kept informed

Following a spate of robberies in Bainer Hall throughout September and October, UC Davis Campus Police have implemented added security measures in the building. The building and security managers in Bainer recently sent an email to concerned students outlining these steps. 

“There has been much going on behind the scenes on hardening our security measures for Bainer at large, [mechanical and aerospace engineering] MAE spaces, and room 1236 in particular,” said the email, which was addressed to COE Student Team Leaders of OneLoop, UCD Formula Racing, Space & Satellite Systems, UCD Baja, and Eclipse Rocketry. Relevant MAE spaces have been re-keyed and re-coded. 

Additionally, the managers have “reviewed spaces with [campus police] using a multi-layered, defense in-depth approach, [including] deter, delay, detection, defense, and detaining.” There are now increased police officer and AggieHost patrols in and around the building, and the managers have requested improvements in outdoor lighting and video surveillance. 

Other measures include “installing hardware on certain vulnerable doors” as well as evaluating Bainer’s alarm system and reminding people to report suspicious activity and keep the building doors shut. Once the new security system is implemented in Bainer, the email said, “funding [will be secured] for a targeted key card access […] to exterior and high risk spaces.” 

“As you can see, there have been a variety of steps taken and we will continue to work on hardening our security measures as well as improving personal safety help,” the email said. “We are also collaborating on a plan to support the collective and individual student teams’ safety culture efforts.”

Written by: Rebecca Bihn-Wallace — campus@theaggie.org


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