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Monday, April 15, 2024

Police Logs

Illegal bush trimming?

October 24

“East side of the pond near [the] bird sanctuary, large tree down blocking the bike path.”

“Vehicle parked in bike lane.”

October 25

“Male on a ‘jump’ bike was stopped in area where plants are overgrown and carrying a bag. Subject looked at reporting party’s neighbor and fled on bike. Seemed suspicious.”

“Unitrans red double decker bus driving into oncoming traffic.”

“Transient man tearing apart a jump bike.”

October 26

“Transient riding a bike and pushing along another bike.”

October 28

“Aggressive Akita dog running loose on Belmont.”

“Traffic light out for past two days, cars traveling on Anderson are not stopping.”

“Reporting party was walking into the reporting party’s apartment [and] bumped into a subject, the other subject seemed very upset and has been verbally aggressive towards the reporting party.”

“Subjects yelling like having a party.”

October 30

“Male trimming bushes with a saw on the greenbelt.”

October 31

“On north side of Blanchard facing Harvest, second night in a row, vehicle is there with loud music. Subject gets out of vehicle, into trunk to retrieve a bag and enters construction zone.”


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