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Senate endorsements: Consider the following

The Editorial Board endorses three candidates for ASUCD Senate

In anticipation of ASUCD’s Fall Election, which began on Nov. 12, the Editorial Board sat down with all 14 senatorial candidates to discuss their campaign platforms and attitudes toward ASUCD. While many of the candidates expressed enthusiasm for the position, the Editorial Board felt that the following three individuals gave concrete solutions to problems impacting the UC Davis student body. 

Khalil Malik — BASED

Second-year political science-public service major Khalil Malik is the Editorial Board’s top choice for ASUCD Senate. He plans to use his Senate tenure to improve communication between the Association and the student body by utilizing the ASUCD newsletter that all employees are required to subscribe to, as well as live streaming Senate meetings. The Board was impressed with Malik’s achievable goals for addressing students’ basic needs, which include allocating more funding to The Pantry, working with the administration to provide free menstrual products for all on-campus bathrooms and holding senators accountable for abuses of power. He also plans to extend his reach to off-campus issues like voter mobilization. His previous experience holding several positions within the association has proven his ability to work across the aisle, which is a valuable skill at an often-divided Senate table.

Michelle Hua — BASED

The Editorial Board hopes that political science and Asian American studies double major Michelle Hua will be able to implement her practical, concrete ideas. A transfer student from De Anza College, Hua brings to Davis an innate understanding of the role of student government and hopes that the adoption of the Brown Act will increase transparency and student participation in ASUCD. Hua plans to establish a safe, overnight parking program for students that are faced with homelessness, as well as further the university’s commitment to sustainability by banning the sale of single-use water bottles and paper towels. 

Camille Randolph — BASED

Camille Randolph, a second-year international relations major, is dedicated to being an advocate for underrepresented and marginalized students. Randolph wants to address serious issues like food insecurity and a lack of affordable housing during their time at the table. They impressed the Editorial Board with their amount of research and knowledge about the legal barriers that prevent affordable housing development in Davis. Randolph emphasized to the Board that student issues are not a partisan issue, and said they will work diligently to empower and support students, especially student workers. Randolph has already proved their ability to pass legislation as a student, and the Board looks forward to their continued advocacy as a senator.  

Although the Editorial Board was impressed during the endorsement interview by the experience and insight of Noah Dickman, who is listed on the ballot as McLovin, it ultimately chose not to endorse him. The Board felt it would be unfair to his fellow candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to running genuine campaigns and upholding the seriousness of ASUCD office. 

Students can vote online at elections.ucdavis.edu until Nov. 14 before midnight.

Written by: The Editorial Board


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