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Davis, California

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Police Logs

Dog barks out of loneliness

November 1

“Red Fiat or Mini Cooper driver irratically [sic]. Driver honking and causing disturbance.”

“Reporting party has filled out the online packet.”

November 2

“On-going for last hour. Dog barking. No one home.”

“Guests have their bikes parked on reporting party’s lawn and they knocked over their table.”

November 4

“Reporting party concerned about bike theft or bike part — theft taking place at the bike racks next to location as subject was seen removing a bike wheel from locked bike.”

“Five underaged subjects drinking alcohol in the park.”

“Vehicle driving continuously around parking lot, parking and turning off car to then start up again.”

November 5

“Reporting party witnessed someone take something off of a train and put it onto the truck of the car.”

November 6

“Vehicle blocking driveway, request tow if unable to reach a resolution as she has to leave for work.”


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