44.9 F

Davis, California

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Police Logs

Please signal when merging

November 15

“Bus merged into lanes without signaling.”

November 16

“Subjects pulled sign for reporting party’s apartment complex out of the ground and drop-kicked it to another location in the yard.”

“Three dogs running loose in the street — not aggressive — all seem to be together.”

“Unknown subject knocked on classroom door and ran off.”

November 17

“Male in red shirt riding a bike carrying two bicycle wheels.”

November 18

“Reporting party found her stolen bike posted for sale online.”

November 19

“Tenant saw someone climbing up the building on some railing.”

November 20

“Leaf blower heard in area for approximately six minutes, possibly coming from UMall.”

November 21

“Reporting party concerned about the way the vehicle is parked with expired tags and windows rolled down near the mailbox.”


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