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Police Logs

Beware of roommates

November 22

“Garage door opener taken from vehicle last night.”

“Reporting party advised she and her husband were in a physical, male threw a hamburger at reporting party and reporting party slapped male.” 

November 23

“Complaint of group of people cheering too loudly for runners.”

“Customer with dog inside the store refusing to leave.”

November 24

“Reporting party’s resident egged by unknown suspect. Reporting party hears other units being egged at this time and request area checked.”

November 25

“Reporting party stating that roommate has stolen her ID, contaminated her food and punctured her air mattress.”

“Two Amazon packages in the bushes, appears unopened.”

November 26

“Female just tagged a tree at Cindy’s and may have spraypainted/tagged other things in the area.”

November 27

“Reporting party located a brand new bike on bike path with tire off — bike still has original tags on it.”

“Non-electric vehicle parked in electric/charging parking spot.”


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