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Police Logs

That’s a negative

December 23

“Male with head stuck inside washing machine in laundry room — reporting party thinks he’s high on something.”

“Male subject skateboarding and doing tricks in the middle of the street, reporting party honked at him and he cursed at her.”

“Smaller beige color dog with blue collar that growls and barks anytime someone comes close to it.”

December 27

“Breathing heard into phone — no response from caller — negative answer on call back.”

“Open line — music and singing heard. Negative sounds of distress.”

December 28

“Doors unlocked at building.”

“Five vehicles were egged on street this evening, per reporting party on going problem for the last month mainly on the weekends.”

December 29

“Porta-potty has been knocked over.”

“Subject across the street standing out in the rain in a santa hat pacing — subject is watching the people who had their vehicle broken into and has been smoking and then talking on a phone.”

January 1

“Subject walking slowly then stopping, seems suspicious.”


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