53.3 F

Davis, California

Monday, April 15, 2024

Police Logs

Tables turning, police taking off handcuffs

January 2

“Open line sounded like child playing.”

January 3

“Reporting party babysitting six year old who put on and locked handcuffs; they are utilizing keys and unable to get off. Requested assistance.”

“Vehicle stuck in car wash and not authorized to be there.”

January 4

“Subjects in white BMW egged bicyclists.”

January 5

“Loud subjects in the hot tub after hours.”

January 6

“Reporting party advised that the vehicles car alarm is continuously going off and then stops.”

“Reporting party saw a subject riding a bike while carrying another bike.”

January 7

“Two buses headed northbound have been stuck at the light for approximately seven minutes.”

January 8

“Vehicle horn sounding, reporting party saw someone inside the vehicle and then saw a subject get out and start kicking the vehicle.”

January 9

“Resident playing with phone.”


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