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Technology Review: Headphones

Best headphones for college students

One casual walk around campus would likely prove headphones are a student staple. After all, how could one get across campus and through the various responsibilities of the day without a podcast, audiobook or music for company? 

Keeping in mind price, comfort and audio quality, the following lists recommendations for any student’s listening endeavors. Each selection was chosen objectively after surveying various headphone reviews and rankings from several websites — a literature review for headphones, if you will — like TechRadar and CNET. At least for earphones, there’s no need to go crazy, opening multiple tabs and windows on your laptop trying to look for the best option.

Balling on a Budget

Although some complain that the ear pads on these are prone to peeling, Sony’s MDR-ZX110 headphones boast 12,203 ratings on Amazon with an average of 4.2 stars out of 5. Many customers agree that, for the price, these headphones can’t be beat due to their comfortability and sound quality. 


The ease of listening wire-free is nearly essential nowadays and especially for those on the go. JLab Audio’s JBuds Air True wireless earphones mimic the portability and size of AirPods, but for a fraction of the price. These earbuds also feature ear tips and optional JLab Cush Fins to sturdily stay in one’s ear. 

Noise Cancelling

Noise cancelling headphones can help make the background noise of a busy cafe or study area more muted. But often this in-demand feature makes headphones more expensive. Mpow’s H10 Active noise-cancelling headphones, at $50, offer a more cost effective option.

For the Gym Rat

If the grind never stops, try out Status’ BT Structure wireless earphones. This pair wraps around your ear to ensure a secure fit, is water resistant, has a battery life of 12 hours and, according to the Status website, users do not have to “compromise on sound quality.” 

For the Audiophile

Grado’s SR80e headphones are bare bones, and for those that value sound quality over everything else, these may be the best choice. While it might be better to use high fidelity equipment with these, they are still fine to plug into something simpler like a laptop, according to an Amazon reviewer. In another review, one Amazon customer noted that “if you’re a non-expert just looking to enjoy your favourite music then these will make you really happy.” 

For the Style Icon

If appearance is what matters most, Panasonic’s Retro Bluetooth Wireless headphones in the yellow color might be The One. Other colors are cheaper, but still just as retro looking. With 24 hours of playback, the battery life will last through multiple lengthy study sessions. 

Written by: Cecilia Morales — science@theaggie.org


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