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El Toro Bravo shuts its doors

Popular Davis Mexican restaurant closes indefinitely due to increasing minimum wage laws

Downtown Davis restaurant El Toro Bravo closed indefinitely on Feb. 1. El Toro Bravo was a casual Mexican restaurant located on D Street that had been in operation since 2012.

Derar Zawaydeh, the part-owner of El Toro Bravo, Crepeville and Burgers and Brew in Davis, commented on the reasons for the recent closure.

“The location was too small and, as time went on, the expenses got way too high,” Zawaydeh said. “Food costs and the cost of employment, with minimum wage increase and such things. When they raise $1 of [the] minimum wage, for a business, it’s a lot more than that. Total increase in employment really starts affecting everything around it. ”

Zawaydeh explained that he will retain ownership of the location, and said it will not stay empty for long.

“We’ll think of something that would do better,” Zawaydeh said. “We will definitely do something there that will enhance the area we’re in.”

Both Crepeville and Burgers and Brews will remain open for the foreseeable future. Zawaydeh emphatically denied the possibility of an upcoming closure for either of the two restaurants.

“No, no, no, those places are staples,” Zawaydeh said. “Crepeville and Burgers are going to stay there forever.”

Despite the closure, the small-business owner is grateful for the community support throughout the years.

“I just want to thank everybody that frequented the place and for all the great support throughout the years,” Zawaydeh said. “I’m sure we’ll continue to see them at both Burgers and Brew and Crepeville.”

Written by: Eden Winniford –– city@theaggie.org


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