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Basic Needs and Services Referendum passes, smashing voter turnout record

BASED wins Executive ticket, EAVP from Thrive, three BASED senators, two Thrive senators, one independent senator

The results of the Winter Quarter 2020 ASUCD Elections were announced at 2 p.m. in the Mee Room of the MU. The Basic Needs and Services Referendum, the focus of hours of campaigning done by ASUCD officials throughout this quarter, passed with the highest voter turnout of any initiative in ASUCD history.

The Basic Needs and Services Referendum passed with a 35.82% voter turnout. A total of 10,562 students voted in this referendum, beating the turnout for last year’s Unitrans Fee Referendum by 94 votes. A total of 85.38%, or 9,018 students, voted in favor of the referendum. Of that, 14.62%, or 992 students, voted against the referendum and 552 students abstained. This referendum approves an $8 per quarter increase to the ASUCD base fee. 

Starting in Fall 2020, the fee will start at $34 per quarter and then increase by $8 per quarter thereafter until 2030. After the last $8 increase in 2030, the fee will be indexed to inflation. The fee increase will ensure the survival of many student-run organizations, events and jobs. ASUCD will continue as a unique, autonomous student government for generations to come. 

Constitutional Amendment #67, The Constitutional Cleanup Amendment, also passed. CA #67 rewrote the ASUCD Constitution in response to growing textual inconsistencies, but also moved Winter Elections to Spring Quarter. This puts ASUCD in line with other Associated Students organizations across the UC that hold their elections in fall and winter. Specific amendments include defining the External Affairs Vice President role with increased detail and solidifying a 10-year budget plan. A total of 94.44%, or 8,126 students, voted in favor of the cleanup amendment, 5.56%, or 478 students, voted against and 1,985 students abstained.

The first round of ASUCD Senate tabulations elected Laura Elizalde from BASED. The second round of tabulations elected Shreya Deshpande from BASED. The third round seated  Tenzin Youedon from BASED. The final, fourth round seated Lucas Fong and Amanjot Gandhoke from Thrive and Roberto Rodriguez Ibarra, who ran as an independent. 

Kyle Krueger and Akhila Kandaswamy were elected to the presidency and vice presidency, respectively. They ran on the BASED slate.

Maria Martinez is the new external affairs vice president, besting incumbent Adam Hatefi. Martinez is on Thrive.

Ashley Lo ran unopposed for the student advocate position. This brand new position exists as a non-partisan officer representing students involved in disagreements with the university. 

Written by: Hannah Blome — campus@theaggie.org

Correction: This article incorrectly listed the number of senators elected from each slate. It has been corrected to clarify that three senators were elected from BASED, two from Thrive and one independent. The Aggie regrets the error.



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