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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Police Logs

Stop chasing squirrels!

February 12

“Dogs off leash running the entire area of the park chasing squirrels.”

“Loud banging, vacuuming, cursing, loud video games.”

February 14

“Noise complaint. Weights being dropped.”

“Found dog — female collie wearing bandana.”

February 15

“Lent ID to friend. ID was confiscated by bouncers. Requested police department to assist.”

February 16

“Subject walking with a hatchet. Subject was threatening people with the hatchet and just hit a sign.”

February 17

“Male […] egged reporting party’s house. She chased after him before he drove away in a gray sportscar. Believes she is being targeted as this has occured 10 previous times before recently.”

February 18

“Male subject was seen pushing his bike pedals against the side of parked cars.”


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