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The Editorial Board chooses women to celebrate

In honor of International Women’s Month, each member acknowledges the impactful women in their lives

Kaelyn Tuermer Lee, Editor-in-Chief

Emelia BensonMeyer has been my best friend since I first moved to Humboldt in seventh grade. We’ve been through a lot together, including a traumatic car crash, and she’s the first person I call when I have good or bad news. Through ups and downs, I know she’s always there for me.

Hannah Holzer, Managing Editor

My friendship with Maya Robnett precedes consciousness (our moms were friends while they were pregnant). Living across the street from one another, Maya and I were joined at the hip. So when she and her family moved, I was crushed. This past summer, seven years later, Maya and I lived just a Metro ride away from one another, and it was as if not a single day had gone by.

Kenton Goldsby, Campus News Editor

Professor Naomi Janowitz completely changed the course of my college career. I had heard great things about her, so I was excited to take her RST 1G class as a GE. Then, I never imagined that I would now be a religious studies major, all thanks to her encouragement. Thank you, Professor Janowitz, for always supporting me — especially through some of the hardest moments of my life.

Stella Tran, City News Editor

Christine Sin, one of my best friends, is a force to be reckoned with. She is by far the strongest woman I know, and she has a heart of gold. I would never say this to her face, as we always tease each other, but she has helped me so much during my toughest times — I will always be grateful for her.

Hanadi Jordan, Opinion Editor

In 2005, Febe Villarete moved into my home in Qatar and sacrificed her 20s to support her family while helping raise and take care of mine. She is my sister, my mother and the living embodiment of boundless kindness. She wasn’t born into my family, but she is forever part of it. 

Claire Dodd, Features Editor

I’ll never forget the day I met my best friend, Olivia Chandler — I was new to my elementary school and she asked if I wanted to color with her in the hallway after school, offering up her brand new pink colored pencils to me as an incentive. She’s always been my biggest supporter and no matter where we live, I know we’ll forever be a part of each others’ lives. 

Liz Jacobson, Arts & Culture Editor

There is one word to describe my friendship with the one and only Mathilda Silverstein — bashert (Yiddish for soulmate). Along with this word, Mathilda has taught me so much about life and about myself. I couldn’t imagine sharing a shoebox-sized apartment and a majestic, grumpy old cat with anyone else!

Dominic Faria, Sports Editor

Former Aggie Managing Editor Olivia Rockeman is one of the most inspiring people in my life and I am incredibly humbled to call her my friend. Not only is Olivia one of the most intelligent, motivated and badass people on this planet, she is also generous and selfless in everything she does. I can’t wait until she rules the world one day! 

Cecilia Morales, Science Editor

Out of all the incredibly strong and truly inspiring womxn in my life, Atalie Nguyen has been the most iridescent anchor in a chaotic sea lately. She radiates pure realness, humility (despite so much to celebrate) and a deep kindness (it’s almost #TOO #MUCH !). She makes me laugh to no end. Her ability to not only understand others but put them before herself is insanely remarkable. Atalie is a comforting home in a very ugly world.

Written by: The Editorial Board


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