Police Logs

Police Logs


Don’t call 911 for the time

February 27

“Ongoing issue with employee associated to red sedan doing donuts in the plot.”

“Drone has been flying over her house for the past several hours. Believes it’s a safety/privacy issue.”

February 28

“Passenger was “ghost riding” with much of his body elevated and hanging out of the passenger side window.”

“Loud party in front and back of residence.”

“Loud music. Smoking and drinking. Standing on vehicles.”

February 29

“Dozens of cars in the area with more arriving; unknown on address of the party.”

March 1

“911 hang up. Elderly woman asking what time it was, disconnected prior to dispatch getting more info.” 

March 2

“Subject ordering food via Grubhub, eating the order, then complaining to Grubhub that they didn’t receive the order.”