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Xenophobic message spray-painted on container near Toomey Field

UC Davis, ASUCD officials encourage students, staff to uphold Principles of Community

A shipping container in Toomey Field, located at the edge of campus on Russell Boulevard and A Street, was grafitied with xenophobic rhetoric that read, “The Chinese Communist Party = a danger to society,” accompanied by a crudely drawn photo of a man wearing a surgical mask, on the morning of Tuesday, March 17. The graffiti has since been painted over.

On March 14, many current and former ASUCD officials released a statement encouraging students to “uphold the Principles of Community in this time, especially in regards to xenophobia and discrimination attached to the coronavirus.”

This graffiti is part of a rise in racist and xenophobic propaganda all over the world, taking place in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic thought to have originated in Wuhan, China. From the alleged assault of an Asian teenager on a Philadelphia subway to #ChineseDontComeToJapan trending on Japanese twitter ー these incidents seem to be increasing in frequency.

Chancellor Gary May has repeatedly condemned hate speech on campus, including last October, when racist graffiti was found on the Social Sciences building. He again condemned hate speech in the university’s campus directives for Spring Quarter, where he and co-signatories Provost Ralph Hexter, Academic Senate Chair Kristin Lagattuta and Vice Chancellor of Human Health Sciences David Lubarsky said, “Now more than ever, let us collectively confront and reject any and all manifestations of discrimination.”


Written by: Alex Weinstein — campus@theaggie.org


  1. You think the CCP is NOT a danger to humanity? You must publish a correction to clarify that criticizing the CCP is protected political speech. This article is part of a rise in American media getting duped into publishing pro-CCP propaganda.

  2. According to China, this ALL started on or before Nov 17th, 2019… with THE earliest “global patient ZERO”, in a huge city in Hubei, China. It was then and there, it was purposefully covered up by Xi Jinping, who CHOSE to lie to the world, in DIRECT violation of an International Law Xi Jinping HIMSELF signed, stemming from China’s similar SARS outbreak AND his similar lies! THIS TIME, Xi Jinping’s lies have directly led to ALL these global deaths. Facts are facts.. and THE TRUTH… WOULD have saved thousands of lives. In fact, Southampton University published a study that shows had China simply told the WORLD the TRUTH a mere 3 weeks earlier… instead of Xi’s CHOOSING to purposefully tell lies for over SIX weeks… the WORLD could have stopped 95% of the Wuhanvirus’ spread. In other words, China’s government’s lies are ALL to blame for the WORLD’S viral problem! In the end, the WORLD must punish China’s Communist Government. Boycott the very deadly and deceitful ChiComXi, they CANNOT be trusted. PS: Trump never called it a “hoax”. Check the fact-checkers! (ROTFLOL@Y all) Trump SAID… “Now, the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” and, “One of my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia.’ That didn’t work out too well. They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. And this is their new hoax. ~ The fact SO MANY are spreading LIES and misinformation… is shameful and truly ignorant. ~ BOOM ~ {mic drop}.

  3. Curious article. Does the author not understand the China gov still puts people in “re-education” camps and forces groups it doesn’t like (Uighurs) into forced labor in detention centers? This is for the “crime” of practicing a religion the state doesn’t like.

    Chinese scientists had sequenced the illness and knew it was a SARS variant–a deadly disease spread from human to human–in mid December.
    By the end of December, several teams in China verified this
    By early January, China was punishing doctors that told people this.
    By mid January, China insisted to the CDC that there was zero evidence of human to human transmission. The CDC relayed this message to the world. However, the doctors that had been working on sick patients caught the disease, making it clear that human to human transmission was possible.
    As the Lunar New Year celebration began, China encouraged massive celebrations and parties in infected areas.
    Shortly after the LNY celebration, China knew thousands of infected people would get on airplanes and travel back to their studies and jobs, in cities all over the world. They did nothing to stop it.

    And here we are today. China knew. China punished those that tried to warn everyone. China did not care. They deserve great shame. Of course, never hurt a person for what their government did. But the leaders in China must address what they have done. They must make people whole for their malfeasance and superciliousness.

  4. Why would anyone defend a murderous Communist regime that keeps millions of Muslims in Concentration camps? China’s Communist government suppressed information about this virus, which enabled it to grow into a world wide pandemic. This opinion piece reveals everything that’s wrong with higher educations identity politics worldview. These are literal No-Nothings who think their unthinkingly PC pratings are morally superior, when such vacuousness merely reveal the moral bankruptcy and decay of the academy.

  5. the Chinese propaganda led government approves this article

    Facts are not xenophobic
    It originated in CHINA
    it spread from CHINA
    Is was downplayed by CHINA
    misinformation was disseminated by CHINA

    this type of identity politics, political correctness is detrimental to the common sense and the world

    ( oh but I’m sure the author has no problem blaming America for everything ..)

    ( please stop pushing Marxist ideology )

  6. Criticizing a political party is not xenophobic. Let’s use some common sense. That you’re riding to the defense of an authoritarian and totalitarian political party that punished Chinese doctors for reporting the coronavirus early on when it could have been easily contained on is especially preposterous.


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