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How do you shelter-in-place?

The Editorial Board stays busy while attending UC Zoom

Kaelyn Tuermer Lee, Editor-in-Chief 

While this is not what I envisioned my senior year looking like, I’ve come to really enjoy the things I used to take for granted. I’ve been playing ukulele and writing music, going for walks and (attempting) to paint. I also realize how lucky I was to be able to enjoy such beautiful, isolated nature back at home during spring break, and to be able to spend time with family.

Hannah Holzer, Managing Editor

Never one to be bored, my brain has kicked into overdrive — I suddenly need to read all the books, watch all the movies, bake everything and craft like no one’s crafted before. This has resulted in about 50 half-finished projects, the contents of which are strewn about my house.

I am so appreciative that my parents put up with all of this, and I’m as grateful as they are that they serve as taste-testers for my first attempts at bagels and chocolate caramel pie.

Kenton Goldsby, Campus News Editor 

Sitting at home has left me with ample time to really sit and meditate on the cherished moments in life: picking fresh fruit from trees, planting flowers and breeding hybrids, going hunting for fossils along the river, catching bugs in my little net and feeling beyond frustrated when my fishing pole breaks. Yes, I have played tens of hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons since it came out two short Fridays ago.

Stella Tran, City News Editor 

I thought that I would spend my last quarter of senior year with friends who I never got a chance to say goodbye to. As I saw them leave though, I went back to my family. My days are now spent with a bubbly 12-year-old cousin who surprises me with her optimism as we cook and ride on scooters. While I sorely miss UC Davis, I am grateful to be with family during uncertain times. 

Hanadi Jordan, Opinion Editor 

Living away from my family in Michigan means the time we are able to share is few and far between. While under unfortunate circumstances, I am grateful to be with my family at this time. I get to see my kid brother grow taller instead of marveling at his height between visits, and hang out with my big brother, who I only ever see one month out of the year. We might be experts in pushing each other’s buttons, but there’s no one else I’d rather get cabin fever with. 

Claire Dodd, Features Editor 

For anyone bored in quarantine: Did you know “salon-grade” scissors are available on Amazon for $12.99? Looking back on it, this may not have been the most responsible purchase, given the world’s current situation — however, I will say that cutting off more than five inches of my hair proved to be an interesting distraction while sheltering-in-place with my family.

Liz Jacobson, Arts & Culture Editor 

I used to think that my time at UC Davis was all about getting my B.A., but my time sheltered-in-place has switched my priorities to earning my MRS. Just kidding. But what’s not a joke is how much time I’ve spent sewing a sunflower-patterned tank top, baking focaccia bread, learning to embroider, getting through the stack of books by my bed and taking long, pensive walks. The start of classes has saved me from becoming the heroine of a Jane Austen novel. 

Dominic Faria, Sports Editor 

This halt in the world-wide sports schedule is no doubt an anomaly. As a sports fan, I have never been given such a reprieve from the neverending, cyclical sports calendar. But despite the loss or the postponement of almost every major sporting event, in this period of crisis I have spent my time re-watching my favorite moments in sports — taking all that joy in once more while holding on to hope that I’ll have moments like those to celebrate in the future.

Cecilia Morales, Science Editor 

A little ashamed to say I’ve been spending far too much time on Spotify making playlists and listening to music. I have also really loved reaching out to friends more, making my Davis apartment cozier and cooking during this shelter-in-place. Most of all, I am extremely grateful to be in this position of just having to pass time. 

Written by: The Editorial Board


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