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What your backpack says to the world

Six different backpacks, six different personality types

When my backpack ripped at the beginning of this year and I was faced with choosing a new one, I was met with an overwhelming amount of choices. I had to decide which backpack I would be identified with for the remainder of my college career. Was I ready for that kind of commitment? 

As I did my backpack research, it became clear that different types of people use different types of backpacks — their backpack being a representation of their personality. Here’s what I’ve gathered. 


This regular two-zipper backpack that can endure Davis’ heavy weather reminds me of high-school. I’ll admit it — I had a Jansport back in high school, but so did everyone else. It was sturdy, reliable and would keep your supplies safe. But if you have this backpack in college, I would bet you’re one of the most unorganized people on campus. For one reason and one reason only: It only has two zippers. 

An average college student has three to four classes — that’s a lot of worksheets from some of your less environmentally-conscious professors, not to mention your different pens, pencils, highlighters and erasers. These are the type of people that have everything and will know where everything is, but have to shove their entire arm to get one eraser. It’s like one of those clown cars where one clown comes after another and another and another. 

JanSport Big Student Backpack 

These are the backpacks that have so many zippers I couldn’t even count them. If you have this backpack, take this as your wake-up call: relax. You have way too much on your plate. While college activities and organizations are a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people, taking on too much is a recipe for stress. What’s important is that you focus on what you have and don’t let it fall apart — as your backpack most likely is doing. Pro tip: Do not let this backpack clutter. Once this backpack gets cluttered, it’s all downhill from there. 

The North Face

When I came to Davis, I was surrounded by an abundance of The North Face. It seemed like everyone here was a brand ambassador. If you have this backpack, you’re most likely from SoCal and have inevitably assimilated into the NorCal culture with a North Face backpack. With that said, this is the backpack I purchased. I am also, however, a really organized person. There is a pocket for my laptop, one for my notebooks and another pocket for emergency medicine (Spring Quarter allergies, am I right?) and my phone charger.

Additionally, there are the three NorCal native options when it comes to having The North Face backpack. 

  1. You have never been hiking and wanted to buy the backpack to seem cool because that’s what everyone else was using.
  2. You went hiking once and felt alive for the first time ever, decided that this would be the new you, bought all of the necessities and never went out again.
  3. You love hiking and everything outdoorsy and you hate everyone that wears a North Face backpack who doesn’t love hiking as much as you do because they’re “fake.” 

A Tote

I genuinely don’t understand how so many things can fit in a tote bag. And don’t your shoulders hurt? These are the kinds of people that bring one notebook, one folder and one pen to campus, and yet are somehow always prepared. 

As for the people that have The New Yorker tote bags, 90% of you all didn’t even buy it to read the news, you bought it for the bag. This bag is solely for looks — or rather, aesthetic.

Fjällräven Kånken

These backpacks blew up a couple of years ago and now everyone has one  — including myself. But to wear these backpacks around is plainly stating that you care more about your backpack being cute than anything else. Half of the reason why I won’t wear it is because it’s bright pink and the other reason is because the straps are not comfortable whatsoever. These are the uwu-type people that edit their pictures with little heart emoji around them. They must be protected. 

Anything Louis Vuitton 

Ma’am or sir, I’m going to need you to take a couple of steps back. This is not a fashion show, this is a public school. Nothing even goes into this backpack other than a major flex on everyone else. Louis Vuitton is so out of reach that I actually had to look up how to spell it. 

Written by: Itzelth Gamboa — arts@theaggie.org


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