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Davis, California

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Police Logs

No beer pong on the golf course!

March 22

“White sedan occupied by 4 males, shooting Nerf darts at people.”

March 27

“Male seen running out of complex with drill in his hand.”

“Yellow quad and red motorcycle riding on the grass in the park.”

March 28

“11-year-old son got agitated by video game limits and threw items in the residence causing damage.”

March 29

“Large swarm of bees.”

“Males seen playing game of beer pong on golf course.”

March 30

“Receiving ongoing harassment by an area resident about social distancing.”

“Intoxicated subjects throwing fireworks down the stairs.”

April 1

“Property found: wallet. Reporting party did not want to pick up nor look inside of wallet in fear of COVID.”

“Selling individual masks for $10 plius, reporting party feels they are price gouging.”


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