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Recipe: Khoresht Loobia Sabz, Green Bean Stew

A step-by-step recipe for a vibrant Perisan dish 

Khoresht Loobia Sabz, Farsi for Green Bean Stew, is a popular dish that can be found in the center of many Persian dinner tables. Persian food is full of spices and vegetables, mainly rice and stews, and this recipe is no exception. With its tangy taste, it is based in a tomato broth and showcases the main ingredients of green beans, eggplant and beef. While this recipe only includes the stew, it is usually served on top of white rice. 

This recipe is authentic, passed down by generations and shared by my mother, who grew up in Iran. Persian food goes hand-in-hand with culture, it commemorates the past and is the center of tradition. Family is an integral part of this tradition, and since most Persian meals are eaten among family, the following recipe serves around eight to 10 people. So, try something new, and share some with your family — it could just be a new favorite!


  • Cut green beans (2 lb)
  • Onion (2)
  • Tomato paste (8 tablespoons) 
  • Beef, cut into pieces (2 lbs)
  • Eggplants (8)
  • Turmeric (1 teaspoon)
  • Cinnamon (½ teaspoon)  
  • Vegetable Oil (⅓ cup)
  • Salt and pepper (as needed)


  1. Dice onions, then begin sautéing in a pot with oil. Add tumeric to the pot. Stir well until onions brown. 
  2. Add small beef pieces to the pot. Add ½ teaspoon pepper and cinnamon. Stir well until beef browns. 
  3. Add tomato paste. Stir everything well. Add water to the pot until it reaches about an inch above the meat. 
  4. Let everything cook for about an hour – until the meat is fully cooked. 
  5. In a separate pan, sauté cut green beans (about 1 inch length each) with oil. 
  6. Once beef is cooked in the first pot, add the sautéed green beans to the pot. 
  7. Let this cook on low temperature for about an hour. 
  8. Peel and cut eggplants, then sauté in a separate pan. Add the sautéed eggplant to the original pot. 
  9. Let this cook for another 30 minutes on a low temperature. The stew should be relatively thick, and not watery. 
  10. This dish is usually served on top of white rice. Enjoy! 

Written by: Nora Farahdel — features@theaggie.org


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