79.5 F

Davis, California

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Police Logs

Virtual Picnic Day turned into backyard-dog-on-roof Picnic Day 

April 16

“Heard talking about school and test.”

“She took a picture of him because he was not practicing safe social distancing.”

April 17

“Subject coughing in respondents face as they crossed paths.”

April 18

“Approximately 6 people in backyard.”

“10-15 subjects in backyard.”

“Dog on roof.”

“10-20 subjects in the backyard.”

“Loud party.”

April 19

“Only a face mask and boxer shorts pushing a shopping cart.”

April 20

“Honey bees, not aggressive, but respondent is concerned due to being in a park, potentially full of children.”


April 21

“Large male turkey has taken up roost in front of this business for the last three days and is becoming more aggressive with people and cars that pass by.”

April 22

“Too much going on.”


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