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Davis, California

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Police Logs

Wait, is that a bear hopping my neighbor’s fence?

April 23

“Ongoing issue with loud chickens.”

April 24

“911 hang up. ‘Just checking to make sure phone could dial.’”

April 25

“City code violation. 2 females exercising in the park.”

“Trapped coiled snake under a bucket on her back porch.”

“Female came inside and opened up milk, then wanted it for free.”

April 27

“Called on 911 and asked ‘Are we having fun yet? No!’ and then disconnected the line.”

April 28 

“Customer refusing to leave drive thru.”

April 29

“He saw a brown bear walking in front yard of neighbor’s residence and hopped fence into backyard.”

“Neighbor is kicking in and breaking respondent’s fence — upset over tree trimming.”

“Door Dash knocked on door and startled family.”


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