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The Joy of…

The Editorial Board shares one small thing that makes them happy

Inspired by the recent article in The New York Times titled “14 Ways We’re Finding Joy (in Spite of Everything),” the members of The California Aggie’s Editorial Board each shared one small thing that brings them joy.

Kaelyn Tuermer-Lee, Editor-in-Chief — The Joy of Letter Writing

I’d have to say I’m a sucker for many things that are becoming more and more obsolete (sadly), like typewriters, print newspapers and handwritten letters. To me, there’s something much more genuine and personal in a handwritten letter than could ever be conveyed over text or email. I love putting time and detail into letters and cards and take joy in watching people read them.

Hannah Holzer, Managing Editor — The Joy of An Empty Inbox

I have a love/hate relationship with messages. Sometimes new messages feel like a fun surprise, and other times they feel like a burden — especially when they pile up, and boy have they been piling up. So for me, clearing my texts and my email inbox is a triumph. For one sacred moment, I know pure joy… until the next inevitable new message comes in.

Kenton Goldsby, Campus News Editor — The Joy of a Perfectly Sized Coffee Mug

25 grams of beans, 375 grams of water. “Drip, drop,” says the coffee as it brews through the Hario V60 and into the carafe. Three minutes go by and the drawdown finishes; time to drink! But first I need to find a mug… No, too small… No, I don’t like that pattern… YES! This one works! Let’s hope the milk and sugar fit, too…

Stella Tran, City News Editor — The Joy of a Puppy’s Eyes

As I am ready to take my first bite of food, I hear a scurry of footsteps coming. Fluffy, warm fur brushes past my toes. I look down to see my puppy’s eyes, staring right back up at mine. Those eyes get me every time. I end up sharing my food with him, and my heart fills with joy. 

Hanadi Jordan, Opinion Editor — The Joy of FaceTiming Friends 

I am notoriously bad at texting when it comes to my friends, and in quarantine it’s somehow even more difficult for me to be responsive. But every now and then, I’ll FaceTime with my best friends and remember why I miss them. No one can make me laugh harder, even if it’s through a screen and even if there’s not much going on in our lives. They make it so easy to smile.  

Claire Dodd, Features Editor — The Joy of Baking Mediocre Cookies

In high school, I was that girl who would bring baked goods to her friends at least once a week. Not to brag, but I’d like to think I was a pretty seasoned cookie maker. Apparently this special talent of mine has disappeared throughout college, but this hasn’t discouraged me from trying new recipes several times a week. Shout-out to my roommates for their patience and candor.

Liz Jacobson, Arts & Culture Editor — The Joy of a Song Recommendation

“I think you would really like this.” Followed by a Spotify link, this text message is a frequent one I both receive and send to close friends. And regardless of whether I don’t particularly care for the song or it’s my new favorite, there is something so deeply personal about sharing music — about hearing a song and thinking, my friend would love this.

Dominic Faria, Sports Editor — The Joy of Walking With Your Best Friends

I’ve developed a pretty standard routine back at home now, one that includes starting each day by walking my dogs. They know the word “walk” when they hear it — a word that means they’ll be making another exciting journey outside the house. No matter how many times, I still love how animated and happy they get when I ask them if they “want to go on a walk.”

Cecilia Morales, Science Editor — The Joy of Listening and Watching Out the Window 

I fall asleep to the train sounding its horn between H and J streets. On Saturday nights, I marvel at the worker power washing the strip mall 500 feet away. With their door open to our shared alleyway, a small family plays. The trees have not stopped responding to the breeze. A world continues! Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but my window has been here to remind me.

Written by: The Editorial Board


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