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Davis, California

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Police logs

You still have to social distance when riding roller skis!

May 7

“Male walking down the middle of the roadway carrying a marijuana plant.”
“Male approaching people in close proximity while exercising with roller skis.”

“Loud miscellaneous beeping sound daily in the afternoons.”

May 8

“Riding on motorized skateboard in the roadway.”

“Bees swarming in a tree.”

“Noise complaint. Loud laughing.”

May 11

“Awoke to find her bathroom door locked.”

“Respondent’s stolen Macbook Pro just went online and is currently mapping to Woodland.”

May 12

“Chicken screeching all day long.”

May 13

“Subjects soliciting in the area and not wearing masks.”
“Loud music. Possibly all minors, all are playing drinking games.”


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