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Excursions in and around Davis

Students discuss destinations they consider worth visiting

Many students who are still in Davis have found themselves in a rut, drowsily shifting from the bed to the couch and back again. There isn’t much room for the giddy joy that often accompanies Spring Quarter, but that doesn’t mean that Davis has lost its unique feel — that uniqueness remains, but it might be undermined by watching Netflix all day. Here are a couple of spots that can provide a respite from boredom as the stay-at-home order stretches out to May 31

Susmita Bagchi, a second-year philosophy major, finds the Hutchinson parking structure to be the ideal spot in Davis to relax and take pictures. Hutchinson is known for being the best place to watch the sunset, especially with the views it provides of the entire school. Additionally, this is an easy solo activity, making it more feasible to do while maintaining social distancing. 

“Me and my little went there with a speaker and [Dutch Bros Coffee] and listened to music and watched the sunset. It was really nice,” Bagchi said. “Another time, me and my friend got In-N-Out and [just] sat in our cars and talked to each other.”

Aliza Lauter, a fourth-year international agricultural development and international relations double major, said Putah Creek is one of her favorite excursions, specifically the Winters swimming spot.

A popular Spring Quarter location, many UC Davis students found their way to this area of the creek, especially as the summer heat began to settle in in years past.

“It’s a really cool area of Putah Creek my friend showed me where you can pull off the road a little past Winters and walk down to the creek,” Lauter said. “There are some awesome jumping rocks and it’s beautiful there.”

Leah Kalish, a second-year sociology major, recently went to a drive-in theater in Sacramento. She was able to enjoy a movie while still acting under the health guidelines from the comfort and safety of her car. With popcorn and candy, this is an easy way to cure cabin fever. 

“The drive-in theater in Sacramento is such a fun night out, especially when the options are as limited as they are now,” Kalish said. “There are six screens, each playing different movies, and they update their selection every week. I went there most recently to see ‘Wonder Woman’ for a date night and am going back to see ‘Back to the Future.’”

These three spots provide different types of activities and can provide solace as California begins to lessen its restrictions. 

 Written by: Athena Aghighi — features@theaggie.org


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