53.3 F

Davis, California

Monday, April 15, 2024

Police logs

Wear your face masks

May 20

“White male adult standing on trash can in front of gas station. Subject was initially clothed, but is standing on trash can taking them off. Now only wearing boxers.”

“Noise complaint. Loud karaoke.”

May 22

“Customer in the store refusing to wear face mask and has been asked to leave but refusing.”

“15 teens drinking cases of beer.”

May 24

“Complaint of loud chickens.”

“Subject hit vehicle with paintball causing damage.”

“Three males setting off smoke bombs.”

May 25

“Subject inside building refusing to leave after being asked to wear a mask — sneezing on products purposely.”

May 27

“White husky attached to tether from backyard, dug underneath fence and is now sitting on the sidewalk, still attached to tether.”


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