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561 cases of COVID-19 have been reported by employees and 138 by students

UC Davis marks the fifth-highest number of COVID-19 cases among UC schools

There have been 561 reported COVID-19 cases by employees of the university and 138 reported cases by students, according to the UC Davis website as of Oct. 5. Of these reported cases, 54 employee cases and 30 student cases were positive. There are also 18 active employee cases and six active student cases, meaning that “cases are being monitored or managed by Occupational Health or Student Health.” 

Reported cases are “all the cases that have been notified to [UC Davis] since March,” Andy Fell, the associate director of news and media relations, said via email. Once a report has been filed, it is reviewed within 24 hours by the Student Health and Counseling Services if the case concerns a student, and by Occupational Health and Risk Management if the case pertains to an employee.

“Positive cases are those that were reported, and that also had a positive lab test or physician’s diagnosis,” Fell said via email.

According to the COVID-19 Reporting Response document, “UC Davis Medical Directors coordinate response with Yolo County Public Health,” and individuals who reported symptoms may be given orders to isolate and quarantine. Following this, affected areas will be isolated “as needed and guided by Student Health and/or Occupational Health.” Finally, pending review by Student and/or Occupational Health, the individual may return to campus or work.  

In addition to these medical responses, “Office and Campus Counsel, HR and Custodial Services may be notified,” according to the COVID-19 Reporting Response Document. 

According to the New York Times COVID-19 tracker for colleges and universities across the U.S., as of Oct. 9, UC Davis has had a total of 84 COVID-19 cases. 

In comparison to other universities within the UC system, UC Davis has the fifth highest cases. UC San Diego has a total of 332, followed by UC Berkeley with 220, UCLA with 199 and UCI with 120, according to the New York Times. 

UC Riverside follows UC Davis with 68 cases, with UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Merced trailing behind with 19, 10, and four cases, respectively. 

Written by: Aarya Gupta — campus@theaggie.org 


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