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Unit director for undergraduate housing advising, external affairs commissioner confirmed at Oct. 29 senate meeting

Senate Bill #4 tabled among other action items completed

The ASUCD senate meeting on Oct. 29, was called to order at 6:10 p.m. by Vice President Emily Barneond. 

Following ex-officio and elected officer reports, Citlali Plaza, a third-year community and regional development major, was confirmed as the unit director of the Housing Advising for Undergraduate Students. 

“We’ve been putting out the application for this position for months,” said ASUCD President Kyle Krueger. “[Plaza] was incredibly qualified and passionate about the position and is going to do a great job synthesizing our housing resources across the association to make sure that students have one of the most essential basic needs.” 

When asked about Plaza’s upcoming plans by Senator Annoushqa Bobde, Plaza responded that in addition to familiarizing herself with the position, her goals include launching a website to increase accessibility to housing-related resources.

“I truly understand the importance and need of affordable housing here in Davis, and I recognize the need for a more centralized unit […] so that we can better serve all of classmates in the UC Davis community,” Plaza said. 

Following Plaza’s confirmation, Cary Chen, a third-year international relations and economics double major, was confirmed as a commissioner to the External Affairs Commission, despite chairperson Shelby Salyer’s absence at the meeting. 

“I don’t know who can provide a recommendation, but let me do a bylaws check to confirm [Chen] anyways,” Barneond said. 

Despite only attending one External Affairs Commission’s meeting, Chen said that she hopes to use social media accounts to increase ASUCD’s visibility and reach new students. 

“I applied for this position because I hope to serve the UC Davis community by finding new ways to support our students and promoting equity for all students to ensure that all students at Davis are able to succeed,” Chen said. 

Senator Amanjot Gandhoke motioned to postpone the Judicial Council Chairperson confirmation and Barneond pushed the table into the next agenda item. 

“From the looks of it, ASUCD personnel somehow misplaced the applications and the supplemental questions and the resumes of two candidates that had applied for the position,” Gandhoke said. “There [were] apparently two people that applied for this position specifically, and did not receive an interview, nor were their applications reviewed, which is a violation of our bylaws.” 

No new legislation was introduced. ASCUD Senate Bill #4 was tabled. 

ASUCD Senate Bill #4, written by President Krueger and introduced by Senator Malik, is “an ASUCD Senate Bill to further delineate how members of an interviewing committee are chosen,” according to the bill. 

This bill addresses “a need to randomize selection of members of an interview committee” to ensure objectivity, according to the bill.

“I tried to create an unbiased method which would encourage participation amongst everyone,” Kruerger said. “It is a challenging piece of legislation to write.” 

Vice President Barneond adjourned the meeting at 8:36 p.m.

Written by: Aarya Gupta — campus@theaggie.org 


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