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ASUCD fall 2020 election results announced

Of the six senator positions available, three candidates were elected from the BASED slate, two from the Thrive slate and one Independent

This past week, 15 candidates ran for six seats in the ASUCD Senate in the Fall Quarter 2020 elections. The voter turnout totaled 1,780 students, making up roughly 6% of the undergraduate student body at UC Davis and continuing the pattern of historically low voter turnout in student elections.

On the BASED Slate, which won half of the six seats, Senator Mahuum Shahab, Senator Kabir Sahni and Senator Ryan Manriquez were elected.

On the Thrive Slate, Senator Kristin Mifsud and Senator Lauren Smith were elected. Senator Michael C. Navarro ran as an Independent and was elected. 

In the senate race, 47.47% of voters voted for BASED candidates, compared to 37.08% for Thrive candidates, and 15.45% for Independent candidates. Most voters ranked close to 6 senators out of the total 15 candidates. 

Additionally, External Affairs Vice President (EAVP) Maria Martinez ran uncontested as an Independent and was re-elected. 

The constitutional amendment passed, with 1,756—or 96.38% of voters—voting for it, while 66—or 3.62% of voters—voted against it. Two hundred twenty-five voters abstained from voting for the amendment entirely. 
Written by: Rebecca Bihn-Wallace — campus@theaggie.org


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