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Davis, California

Monday, May 27, 2024

Police logs

Machete man returns to fight his archnemesis—plants!

November 5

“Her Amazon packages were delivered to neighbor’s house by accident and they were not returned or given to respondent as stated in court order.”

November 7

“Four to five subjects playing beer pong. Respondent concerned for the noise primarily, as well as the shelter in place violations and underage consumption.”

November 11

“Coyote ran onto campus near baseball field.”

November 12

“Three subjects horseplaying, screaming.”

November 14

“Has 40 tranquilizer bottles and hasn’t taken any—has two taser guns—wants to tell officers all about it.”

November 15

“Male subject threw a bicycle at the maintenance person after being told he couldn’t make repairs inside lobby.”

November 18

“Male walking around with machete hacking at plants.”


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