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Guest Opinion: Santa is real

Hi everyone on the newspaper!

I have not used a keyboard before because my mom does not let me but I came to write a story about why I know Santa is real. Also I am sorry because I am only five years old so sorry if I don’t have good handwriting.

First, I went to school one day and I heard a kid say that Santa is not real. He said that Santa is his dad. I don’t think Santa is his dad because I’ve never seen his dad in my house at night on Christmas. Also I think his dad is maybe more fat than Santa and also not old.

I am here to say that Santa is real and this is why I know why.

  1. One time mom made cookies and milk and it was gone one time in the morning because Santa was hungry after flying from the north pole
  2. I got Lego guys last year from Santa
  3. I saw Santa at the mall

I got my Lego guys when I sent a letter to the North Pole last year and asked for the Lego Star Wars Death Star set that I saw on YouTube, and then I got it on Christmas morning. 

Santa came to the mall down the street and I sat on his lap and asked him for more Lego guys and he said he would bring them. I don’t think Santa would be a liar and also he said it to my face in real life. 

I think Santa is going to come this year because the doctor on the TV said that Santa can’t get the coronavirus. So I think he will come and bring me more Legos maybe. But he is real and that is the end of my essay.

Written by: Isabella Chuecos — ifchuecos@ucdavis.edu 

(This article is humor and/or satire, and it’s content is purely fictional. The story and or names of “sources” are fictionalized.)


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