To the men of ASUCD

To the men of ASUCD


I notice

The name of the elected ASUCD official who penned this op-ed has been omitted in order to protect her identity. 

To the men of ASUCD:

When you ignore my ideas, but praise them when they come out of another man’s mouth, I notice. 

When you talk about sexual assault like it’s a political talking point and not something that impacts real people in the Association, I notice. 

When you speak over survivors in Senate meetings, I notice. 

When you yell at the women on the Senate table and speak levelly to the men, I notice. 

When you frequently question my knowledge on a subject area I was hired to work in, I notice. 

When you speak over me in meetings that I organized, I notice. 

When you speak to me like a five-year-old, I notice. 

When you expect me to meet with you solely on your time because you think you are entitled to my free time, I notice.

When you can’t believe I accomplished something that you weren’t able to, I notice.

When you automatically assume I’ll be the one taking notes on a call, I notice.

When you shove all of the logistical work of a project onto me and write your name at the end for credit, I notice. 

When you automatically feel the need to fact-check everything I say because you can’t believe I’m right, I notice. 

When you call me over-emotional and your male peers passionate, I notice.

When you contradict everything I say because you can’t stand the fact that I’m right, I notice. 

When you tell me I look sick because I don’t have makeup on in a Zoom meeting, I notice.

When you think I inherently don’t deserve my position even though I worked for it, I notice. 

We notice, and now I hope you do too.

And when you finally treat us like equals, we’ll notice. 

Written By: An anonymous ASUCD official

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  1. Good to know that members of our student government are so lacking in interpersonal skills that they have to air their grievances publicly and anonymously.

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