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Five movies, TV shows and books to pass the time this unconventional holiday season

Here are five things Davis students are watching and reading over break

Looking for a new binge-worthy book to read or show to watch now that the stress of finals is finally over? Five students recommend their latest obsessions that are perfect to pass the time while lying around the house this holiday break.

Madam Secretary

Lauren Remish, a second-year psychology major, recommends “Madam Secretary.” The series, which can be found on Netflix, follows Elizabeth McCord’s work as the secretary of state as she works on timely foreign affairs. 

“If you are into politics I would highly recommend this show,” Remish said. “It was very interesting and I learned a lot about what the secretary of state does. A great show to throw yourself into because it’s long and very entertaining.”

Little Fires Everywhere

Rachel Callegari, a second-year political science and economics double major, recommends the novel “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng. The fictional novel follows the intertwined stories of the “picture-perfect” Richardson family and mysterious Warren family as they navigate family secrets and tensions that arise growing up. This story is actually a two-for-one, since the novel was also turned into a Hulu limited series in 2020.

“I loved the suspense of the book,” Callegari said. “I would recommend the book because Ng writes the mystery so well and just when you think you’re figuring out the main plot line she adds a twist that you would never expect.”

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty

Emma Talbot, a second-year sustainable agriculture and food systems major, suggests the book “Women Don’t Owe You Pretty” by Florence Given, in which the author discusses modern feminism. Given covers body image, beauty standards and a modern, more intersectional approach to the feminist movement.

“This book empowers women to do things, wear things, say things for themselves, not to just appease someone else—especially men,” Talbot said. “This book seriously increased my confidence and made me feel empowered in a society that makes women feel like they need to be as small and accommodating as possible.”

I Feel Pretty 

Katie Moreno, a first-year undeclared major in the college of letters and science, suggests the movie “I Feel Pretty,” which can be found on Hulu. In this movie, Amy Schumer plays a woman navigating societal pressures and insecurities in this 2018 comedy, which Moreno enjoyed watching. 

Happiest Season

Abigail Eastin, a third-year political science and philosophy major, recommends “Happiest Season,” a Hulu original movie that is, according to her, perfect for the holiday season. This 2020 movie follows a woman’s plan to propose to her girlfriend over the holidays as her girlfriend navigates coming out to her conservative parents. 

“This has to be one of my favorite romantic comedies since ‘Love, Actually’ or ‘The Holiday,’” Eastin said.  “There are emotional elements involving one of the main characters struggling with coming out as gay to her parents, and there are heartwarming elements involving an entertaining small role filled by Aubrey Plaza, as well as the happy feeling any Christmas movie seems to bring me. If you’re looking for a soon-to-be classic to share with family or friends this holiday season, this is the perfect movie to watch.”
Written by: Katie DeBenedetti — features@theaggie.org


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