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UC system pushes to open in-person courses for next academic year

The UC system announced today that it will be reopening campuses for instruction for Fall Quarter 2021

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) stated plans to reopen campuses to in-person instruction throughout the UC system in Fall Quarter 2021 in a press release.

“With robust research advancements and COVID-19 vaccines soon becoming available to students, staff and faculty, UC is preparing to welcome students back to all its campuses this fall, while remaining vigilant in all critical prevention efforts and continuing to prioritize the health and well-being of the University community,” the press release reads. 

The statement is intended to provide notice to students so that they can make plans in advance to prepare for the return to campus since many students have been residing off-campus as courses moved online, according to the statement.

The 400-bed quarantine housing that was only at 2% capacity during the winter break has jumped to 22% according to the UC Davis COVID-19 dashboard as students return to campus.

Sam Daou, a first-year electrical engineering major, said that he is excited to take courses in person in the fall.

“I’ve never really had the college experience,” Daou said. “It’s a good thing to finally get out of Zoom and finally go to in-person classes.”

UC Davis has begun giving vaccinations of both the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccine to medical professionals and some staff according to UC Davis Health. However, it is unclear when these vaccines will be available to students or if COVID-19 vaccination will be required for returning to campus. 

“On the Davis campus, we are receiving inquiries from students, staff and faculty about how and when COVID-19 vaccines might be made available to our campus community,” said UC Davis Chancellor Gary May in an email newsletter to students. “The short answer is, we do not yet have all the information, as planning for much of this is dependent upon receipt of vaccine doses from the state of California and approvals outside of UC Davis.”

Stett Holbrook, a senior communications strategist for UCOP, responded via email that the office has no further information to provide at this time. 

The plans for re-opening will be released by individual campuses according to the statement by UCOP.

“Specific plans for resumption of fall classes, including additional safety measures and starting dates, will be announced by individual UC campuses as they continue to coordinate closely with local public health agencies and follow all local and state health guidelines,” the statement reads.

Written by: Kathleen Quinn — campus@theaggie.org


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