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Davis, California

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Police logs

Those pesky teens are hanging out on the rooftops again!

January 5

“Respondent got into an argument with his friends who have since left; however, prior to leaving they smashed a microwave in the street.”

January 9

“5-6 subjects on the roof with flashlights.”

January 11

“Locked out on balcony, has keys, wonders if she could pass them to officer to unlock door and let her in.”

January 13

“2 male teens on roof of middle building.”

January 15

“2 subjects with flashlights walking on the roof of the school.”

January 19

“Female patron refuses to leave, 41 years of age, long, blonde, curly hair, lavender shirt, white cowboy boots with lots of property.”


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