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Con-drag-ulations, winners!

A list of predictions for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13

If you have been avidly watching the newest season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” you’ll know that the competition has been close over the past few weeks with the tops and bottoms switching constantly based on minor mistakes throughout the challenges. 

As we saw in the last episode, the smallest thing can get you booted off the show, but Ru can come in and change things up at any time with a save. While few queens have proven themselves as top material time and time again, other queens have consistently flopped. 

My predictions for who is next to get eliminated are based on how these queens have been doing and how I anticipate they will be in upcoming challenges.

First on the chopping board will have to be Miss Elliott with two Ts. Elliott’s runway looks have been a bit repetitive, coming through with a shoulder-heavy blazer more than once, and outfits that seem to lack the extra wow-factor that’s needed to win. Her dancing is phenomenal, but in any other challenge, she seems to miss the mark. Knowing that Snatch Game, a season-regular challenge that has queens impersonate celebrities, is coming up soon, Miss Two Ts’ acting chops might get her “pork-chopped.”

Next to be eliminated would probably be Miss Utica Queen, who is lovely on the runway and has killer looks, but has not been showing out in the challenges, landing at the bottom the past few weeks. Although acting and improv are this quirky queen’s assets, they have not been coming through to her full potential. Paired with the facial expression she has constantly gotten critiqued for yet does not change, this year’s most-likely Miss Congeniality will likely go home soon.

With those two queens gone, elimination predictions for the last spot in the top 6 can go in any direction.

Kandy Muse might be next to go home, especially since she has been ranked at the bottom the past two weeks. But with that in mind, and with the epic save she was given from RuPaul herself, she might come back with a passion in Snatch Game.

If not Kandy, it must be Tina Burner. While this queen’s fiery drag is iconic and hails back to that campy New York style, she has yet to win a challenge or wow the judges with her looks. Consistently playing it “safe” has never boded well for queens, especially in a competition as cutthroat as this, so unfortunately, this flaming queen might have to go home. 

After either of those queens go home, Rosé and Denali will make it close to the top three. Both queens have that “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent” that Ru looks for in a winner, but Rosé leads a bit because of her acting and singing abilities. Rosé also has the upper hand, having won the last challenge and wowing the judges. 

Denali, on the other hand, is a dancer and has shown that she is able to keep up in areas that are not her speciality. After her first acting flop in the “RuPaulmark Channel” episode, she has tried to push herself and grow from her critiques.

With only one win under both queens’ belts, Denali and Rosé still need to move away from the “safe” zone and into the winner’s circle. 

With that being said, my predictions for the top queens are Symone, Gottmik and Olivia Lux. These queens have been consistently on top and show out in almost every challenge. They have both won multiple mini and maxi challenges while also creating unique and amazing runway looks. They all also have been praised multiple times by the judges for their abilities in the challenges and with their fashion.

While Gottmik sometimes struggles with acting challenges, she always manages to come out on top during the runway with her avant garde looks. Symone is not able to deliver with dancing or singing challenges, but always puts her own spin on things, which have proven to get her to the top, even when she does not do her best. Olivia has a sparkling and charming personality, which often shines through in the challenges and on the runway.

As we’ve seen from the beginning of the season, it seems like Ru is spicing things up and deviating from the traditional. Who’s to say? At any moment, any of these queens can be eliminated. 

Written by: Mariah Viktoria Candelaria –– arts@theaggie.org


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