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ASUCD endorsements: Consider the following

The Editorial Board endorses six candidates for ASUCD Senate

ASUCD Fall Elections began today on Monday, May 10, with 14 Senate candidates running for six available seats, two executive tickets running for the president and vice president position and one candidate running for student advocate, an elected position meant to advise, defend and provide aid to students that was introduced in 2020. The Editorial Board interviewed 14 candidates running for Senate, both executive office tickets and the uncontested candidate for student advocate. 

The Editorial Board as a whole did not feel strongly enough about either executive ticket or the student advocate candidate to endorse anyone for those positions. 

Senate Endorsements:

Rashita Chauhan — BASED 

First-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major Rashita Chauhan’s experience in the Academic Senate would make her a valuable addition to the Senate table. She also has tangible action items to increase ASUCD’s outreach to first-generation students beyond times of crisis and to facilitate communication with cultural organizations. As a pre-med student, she hopes to support student-run clinics as well as develop events to provide students with knowledge about non-traditional STEM career paths, which the Editorial Board found admirable.  

Megan Chung — BASED 

In addition to holding town halls to provide a safe space for AAPI students and organizations to voice concerns with ASUCD, first-year political science and managerial economics double major Megan Chung hopes to make underutilized resources more accessible by working to feature them on the myUCDavis website, and she has already met with the Academic Affairs Commission to discuss creating a financial resource committee to connect students to basic needs resources. The Editorial Board was impressed with Chung’s platforms and specific action items to accomplish them and feels that her proactiveness would make her a good addition to the Senate table.

Thomas Phillips — Independent

Second-year evolution, ecology and biodiversity major Thomas Phillips’ platform provided important, tangible ways that ASUCD can contribute to environmental advocacy, specifically by supporting the Campus Center for the Environment and The Green Initiative Fund and separating ASUCD from farms that have inhumane practices. Phillips also spoke to the importance of increasing unity between API groups through the Student Recruitment and Retention Center. Part of Phillips’ platform includes advocating (and increasing funding) for The Aggie. Although we appreciate the intention behind it and encourage students to read our content to be more informed about university and city news, The Aggie’s budget is not subject to amendments by Senate and the Editorial Board would like to clarify that this was not considered as we made our decision.

Ambar Mishra — BASED 

The Editorial Board was particularly impressed with second-year statistics major Ambar Mishra’s goal of having ASUCD check in with cultural organizations beyond times of crisis. Another part of Mishra’s platform pertains to accommodations made for religious holidays that occur during the academic year, which the Editorial Board recognizes as a vital part of equitable access to education. The Editorial Board believes Mishra’s enthusiasm for his platforms and experience with Senate as a staffer for current Senator Laura Elizalde as well as other ASUCD units and commissions would make him an effective senator. 

Owen Krauss — Thrive

First-year international relations major Owen Krauss’ clear passion in having increased transparency in mental health services and more resources available through the LGBTQIA Resource Center, specifically in creating a private chat line for those struggling with their gender or sexual identity, are admirable. In addition, his plan to advocate for multilingual therapists and resources for international students and students whose first language is not English impressed the Editorial Board. 

Harris Razaqi — BASED

The Editorial Board appreciated third-year economics major Harris Razaqi’s goals and specific advocacy plans for transfer and non-traditional students. Razaqi spoke at length about transfer representation and also emphasized his platform of working with registered student organizations to advocate for mental health professionals who have an understanding of being from a marginalized group. With Student Health and Counseling Services in the process of hiring new counselors, Razaqi’s advocacy, demonstrated by his co-authoring of the Ramadan resolution, could be critical. 

Written by: The Editorial Board

Disclaimer: The Editorial Board can endorse up to six Senate candidates, one executive ticket and one student advocate. The Board also retains the right to not endorse any candidates for these positions.


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