76.1 F

Davis, California

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Police logs

 Who’s setting off bottle rockets? It’s not even July!

May 8

“Respondent can hear ‘large’ dog loose in the area—no visual, respondent thinks it’s big by the sound of its barking.”

May 11

“Driving ‘squirrly’ into the bike lanes and erratic speeds.”

“Several juveniles on the roof running around.”

May 15

“Respondent saw subject using a hatchet to chop at a tree.”

“Party with bonfire.”

May 16

“Complaint of bottle rockets heard going off in the Greenbelt area behind residences.”

May 17

“10 loud subjects in backyard. Loud music. Subjects throwing bottles against fence.”

May 18

“Doing donuts in intersection.”

“Drums heard in area.”


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