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Must-visits in Davis

From food to books to sports, Davis has something for everyone

    As more and more students — new and returning — move to Davis and prepare for a primarily in-person school year, local businesses will soon be receiving more visits from students after a year and a half of online learning.

    From food to books to sports, Davis is home to a plethora of local businesses that maintain a crucial presence in the community. As the town starts to fill up again with students, here are a small fraction of the many food options and businesses that Davis is home to.

  1. Davis Creamery

Located conveniently in Downtown Davis, Davis Creamery is a popular spot among students. Featuring a wide variety of ice cream flavors and other desserts, it is well worth the visit. Employee Gabby Glener explained that there are a wide variety of homemade ice cream flavors available.

“We make all our ice cream here every weekend, and all the flavors switch every week so it’s really authentic, and you can’t find these flavors in stores,” Glener said. “A lot of them are made up by the woman who makes the ice cream, so it’s really cool.”

  1. Thai Canteen

For anyone looking for delicious Thai food, three-time Best of Davis winner Thai Canteen is a perfect spot. Also located conveniently in Downtown Davis, the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, such as noodles and rice plates that can be prepared as gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian. 

The Thai Canteen team encourages students to stop by and visit.

“Welcome back students,” the Thai Canteen Davis team said. “Thai Canteen will be open and [students] can come and support the local business, and we’ll do the best we can.”

  1. Sharetea

For anyone who loves boba, Davis is a haven. Home to numerous boba establishments located throughout the city, one which students visit is Sharetea. 

Their website features a variety of milk teas, fruit teas, signature drinks, brewed teas and more. The drinks are easily customizable with the option to choose the ice and sweetness levels, and toppings, as the website shows.

    Whether it’s simply a refreshing drink for a hot summer day or a treat after studying for finals, Sharetea has numerous options featuring a variety of flavors. 

  1. Farmer’s Market

On Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, many students often visit the Farmers Market, located in Central Park. Home to various stalls featuring fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods and more, the Farmers Market is a quintessential Davis tradition.

    One of the popular products sold is the Apple-a-Day apple juice. Made of only one ingredient — apples — it has been voted Best Farmers Market Treat twice in the annual Best of Davis survey. 

Carlene Upto manages the Farmers Market Apple-a-Day stand and has been with Apple-a-Day for almost 30 years. Even people who moved out of Davis return to try the high-quality apple juice when they’re in town, Upton explained.

“Whenever they’re in town, they have to come and get an apple juice,” Upton said. “It’s almost like a requirement. I feel like it’s sort of a cult—it’s an apple juice cult. Everybody loves it and recommends it.”

  1. Bizarro World

For anyone who is a fan of comic books, games, movies and cards, Bizarro World is a must-visit. Also located in Downtown Davis, it features both popular and vintage or hard to find items, with something for everybody. 

    Whether you’re looking for a new or old comic book, movies to watch or board games to play among various other items, Bizarro World is definitely a place to visit in Davis.

  1. The Avid Reader, Logos Books

For all the bibliophiles out there, bookstores such as The Avid Reader and Logos Books are staples in Davis. Home to numerous books, there is something for everybody, from children to adults. 

Logos Books is also located conveniently downtown in the heart of Davis. It is a non-profit and supports the Davis Public Library, featuring used books. For anyone looking for a new thriller novel or an easy read, Logos Books is bound to have it.

Likewise, Avid Reader also features a myriad of books, from classic tales to many new books for children and adults. 

The businesses mentioned above are only a small fraction of the local businesses in Davis. For returning students and new students alike, Davis has many businesses that are worth checking out and cannot fit into one article. Whether it’s food, hobbies, sports, books and much more, Davis has it all.

Written by: Shraddha Jhingan — city@theaggie.org


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