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Fire broke out at a house near Cambridge House Apartments in Davis

Nobody was hurt or injured

On Sept. 24, a fire broke out near Cambridge House Apartments, according to a post by the City of Davis Fire Department (DFD).

“Last night at 10pm Davis Fire responded to a structure fire on Adeline Place,” the post reads. “The fire was quickly upgraded to two alarms due to its size and potential for spread to nearby structures.”

The post added that the fire was able to be contained.

“DFD, with support from @westsacfire, @ucdavisfire and @woodland_fire were able to contain the fire and prevent serious damage to surrounding structures,” the post reads. “No injuries to firefighters or civilians were reported and the cause is currently under investigation.”

Brionne Kirkwood, a fifth year animal science and management major, was at her friend’s house at the time the fire broke out. They got a bang on their door around 10 p.m..

“We walked outside and everyone was running around frantic, and we’re like ‘what’s going on?’” Kirkwood said. “This girl yelled out ‘there’s a fire!’, and I was like ‘where?’, and we turned around and it was right behind the apartment. There was the Cambridge House Apartments, and there was this big hedge, and then the fire was on the house right next to the apartment.”

Soon after, everybody was told to evacuate.

“We were told to evacuate immediately, not even by the apartment but by residents that lived there,” Kirkwood said. 

The situation lasted about one and a half hours, Kirkwood stated.

“I think the firefighters stayed at the house though — they stayed at the house all night — to make sure nothing else sparked I guess,” Kirkwood said.

Kirkwood later received a text letting her know that nobody was injured.

“Thankfully I got a text that the residents were okay, and the people and the neighbors, everything was okay,” Kirkwood said. “They evacuated, no one was hurt. The inside of the house was probably pretty bad. I don’t know how it started though, they just said everyone was okay and that was what I was kind of worried about.”

Despite the suddenness of the fire, nobody was hurt.

“Just a freaky thing to happen on a Friday, literally right next to the apartment,” Kirkwood said. 

Written by: Shraddha Jhingan — city@theaggie.org


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