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Logos Books: Davis’ one-stop shop for affordable books

A volunteer provides insight on the used bookstore selling donated books at accessible prices

Logos Books, a long-standing Davis institution acquired by Friends of the Davis Library in 2017, is Davis’ one-stop shop for affordable books. The store has a wide selection of genres and styles, ranging from poetry to thrillers to fiction and everything in between. 

Every book that’s for sale has been donated — a practical method of reducing waste that also keeps costs down. 

“There were [used book] sales at the library every other month, but with an actual store, we could be selling books every day,” said Paul Takushi, the acquisitions manager and cashier at Logos. “We have so many books donated to us… This way, we could funnel the best of the best through the bookstore.”

The library is another great option for getting access to books for relatively cheap, but there are definitely situations that require readers to possess their own copies, and Logos provides an easy, accessible way for this to happen. 

 Davis is a college town, which naturally means that many of its residents live on a college-sized budget. Combine that with the academic nature of Davis’ demographic, and it becomes very clear that there is a need for cheap access to literature. 

And this is not an issue unique to Davis — literacy rates have shown to be a strong indication of financial success, regardless of where the population is surveyed. Quite simply, affordable access to literature (especially in childhood) is a telltale sign of success later in life.

Of course, if there’s any town that will welcome a used bookstore with open arms, it’s Davis. Logos fits right in among the many other quirky, hole-in-the wall establishments that reside in Davis and are frequented by the equally unique population.

“It’s really gratifying to see more books going into the community, plus more money [going into] the Friends of Davis Library for literacy programs,” Takushi said.

Check out Logos Books at 513 2nd Street next time you need a book, feel like browsing or even just want to chat to their friendly cashier. 

Written by: Clara Fischer — arts@theaggie.org


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