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Senate Bill #17 passed at Oct. 14 meeting

ASUCD commissions and units provided quarterly updates, and the senate passed two emergency bills

By EMILY REDMAN — campus@theaggie.org

    The senate meeting was called to order at 6:10 p.m. by Vice President Juliana Martinez Hernandez. She then recited the UC Davis Land Acknowledgment.

    The senate unanimously confirmed six candidates for the Gender and Sexuality Commision. One candidate was not able to be there in person, so it was approved for them to be confirmed remotely. 

    “I think all of you seem very engaged with this role and all seem like you care a tremendous amount about the rights of these individuals,” Interim Senator Aidan Kato said before motioning to approve the candidates.

    Next, a member of the public, Calvin Wong, made a presentation informing the senate on the amount of student fees that go toward athletics. The Student Activities and Services Initiative (SASI) makes up part of students’ quarterly resource and recreation fees.

    “The majority of it, 89%, goes toward the athletics program, $11.7 million in funding,” Wong said.

Wong said that these fees should go through a referendum because not all students have access to the athletics programs on campus and should not face financial hardship because of them.

    Next, Jeffrey Flynn, the general manager of Unitrans, delivered a quarterly update. Currently, 65% of the Unitrans bus fleet is operating, compared to past academic years, and lines are running 30-60 minute services. Employees are enforcing mask wearing in compliance with COVID-19 policies.

    “Windows are kept open whenever possible, and our ventilation systems are on,” Flynn said. “We ask people to keep conversations to a minimum just to reduce the transmission of droplets.”

    Unitrans is hiring in all positions and recently took down the posting for drivers due to a number of new members preparing to train. They are also introducing a mobile app for non-students to pay bus fees.

    “Six of our 13 buses that are being outfitted with new near-zero emission engines are completed,” Flynn said.

    Unitrans is also reintroducing the vintage buses in spring quarter and renovating its bus washing facility. The service is also beginning the process of installing chargers for the new electric buses.

    Next, the nominee for the Student Health and Wellness Committee was confirmed unanimously by the senate. 

    The Student Sustainability and Career Fair Committee presented its quarterly report. Members of the committee have created a social media series featuring UC Davis graduates who have entered sustainable careers, and they are planning in-person events.

    Next, the Creative Media and Aggie Studios team presented its quarterly update. Members have worked on the graphics and videos for Sunset Fest as well as other video projects around campus and the surrounding area.

    In public announcements, Senator Owen Krauss and Senator Mallika Hari announced that they will be stepping down from the THRIVE slate to continue as independents. 

The senate is planning to bring back Town Halls in the CoHo with three senators leading the task force.

    SR #1, which outlines the expectations for the year, passed unanimously.

    Senate Bill #14, which addressed some of the problems in the bill the previous week, passed unanimously.

    Senate Bill #17, which raises the necessary signature level for senate candidates, was passed with amendments. The bill originally suggested that the signature level return to 125 which it was before the pandemic. After discussion, the table decided to raise the level to 200 for senate candidates and 400 for executive positions.

    SR #5, which shows the support of students for the University Council-American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT), passed. 

“Our goal is to improve lecturers’ working conditions not only for our own benefit, but also because our working conditions are the learning conditions of you, our students, ” Senator Maahum Shahab said.

Martinez Hernandez ended the meeting at 11:08 p.m.

Written by: Emily Redman — campus@theaggie.org


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