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Students recommend thrift stores near, in Davis

UC Davis students discuss some of their favorite cheap and trendy thrift stores

By SOPHIA PLACHE-CREECH — features@theaggie.org

Thrifting can be a great way for college students to fulfill their shopping desires without breaking the bank. Several UC Davis students shared their experiences with thrift stores in Davis and recommended some of their favorites. 

Located at 409 3rd St in downtown Davis, Bohéme Hip Used Clothing boasts a range of styles for men, women and tweens alike. 

Second-year psychology major Ana Sanchez said that Bohéme is her favorite place to go for affordable clothing. She also pointed out that Bohéme’s inventory is expansive and versatile.

“I’ve found anything from clothes to shoes and bags to accessories there,” Sanchez said. 

Further from campus but also on 3rd St, the SPCA Yolo County Thrift Store is beloved by many students. The shop has a wide variety that includes clothing, household items, jewelry, accessories, electronics and more.

All of the store’s merchandise is supplied through community donations, which second-year sociology major Natalia Stehlin said is her favorite part of the store.

Second-year cognitive science major Rachel Greenbaum also shared why she loves the SPCA Yolo County Thrift Store.

“I find great clothes like pants or shorts for less than $5 as well as miscellaneous items like pots and pans for less than $2,” Greenbaum said. 

Greenbaum said that she also found one of her favorite thrifted items to date at the store. 

“One of my favorite jeans that I wear all the time was only $3,” Greenbaum said. 

Another great place to look for secondhand clothing and accessories is the Davis Craft and Vintage Fair, which occurs every other Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Central Park. Second-year biology major Jasmine Jackson said that she routinely stops by. 

“The downtown craft fair normally has thrift pop ups,” Jackson said. “There are random bins you can dig through, and there is always super cool stuff there. You can get some great finds.” 

The thrift store chain Goodwill also has a location in Davis, slightly further from campus, on 1640 E 8th Street. Third-year chemical engineering major Cannon Nielson said that Goodwill usually has a good inventory of clothing for men, women and children as well as household items. 

“If you really want to find the heat, the Goodwill is a [place] to find it,” Nielsen said. “Every time I go to look around, I’m guaranteed to leave with more than what I originally planned to buy.”

If you want to venture a little outside of Davis, there’s also the Goodwill Outlet in Sacramento. Second-year design major Olivia Hurley said that the outlet has bins that have lots of trendy items for extremely discounted prices. 

“The bins are the place to walk out of with three bags full of clothes on your wrist for under $12,” Hurley said. 

However, she also warned that the low prices and fun pieces can be tempting. 

“I always advise on the side of caution because too many people grab things they would never wear because it’s so affordable,” Hurley said. “I’ve definitely fallen victim to this. But this does also allow for great experimentation in your closet, which I love.” 

Written by: Sophia Plache-Creech — features@theaggie.org


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